Friday, 21 February 2014

Hannah's Simple regime!

Hey Everyone!!!

My Name is Hannah Rosalie from Hannah Rosalie's Words

I recently asked bblogger's whether or not to do a review on my facial regime and everyone said YES! So here goes....

I never know which brand to go for when it comes to eye makeup remover, cleanser and toner. 
I have very sensitive skin so more rich products tend to break me out in blemishes/dry patches, so when i discovered the Simple range (designed for sensitive skin), i just had to try it! 

Kind To Eyes Eye Make-Up Remover
Kind To Eyes Eye Make-Up Remover
Usually when i have tried eye make-up removers in the past, I have found them to by very oily and to have left a 'greasy' feel on on my lids and around my eyes. However, this product features no oil, so does not leave an unnecessary residue. When using this remover, i put a tiny splash on a cotton pad and gently swooped it on my eye. The eye makeup came off instantly and i didn't have to use any pressure to remove the remaining mascara! It also did not take any of my eyelashes out, which i have found other products have done. 
It was tricky to take a picture of what the liquid looks like. Basically its a clear fluid.

Kind To Skin Purifying Cleansing Lotion
Kind To Skin Purifying Cleansing Lotion
I then go on to use the Cleanser. The cleanser is a white, pearl-sheen cream texture.
 I used a tiny amount of this on a cotton pad and gently moved it in circle motions around my face, removing my makeup. I used two pads with the cleanser on to remove all of my makeup. My face felt quite dewy and refreshed afterwards!

Kind To Skin Soothing Facial Toner

The final product from this range i use is the toner. Again, i could not take a picture. The product is another clear liquid. The toner takes any makeup left on the skin and makes you feel all clean and fresh! 

So with my pictures, I decided to take off the makeup on the left side of my face to show the difference before and after the remover.

Left-Full face of makeup
Right-Eye makeup remover used

Left-Cleanser used
Right-Toner used
Makeup free! 

I found all of these products amazing!! I usually go for premium brands when coming to my facial regime but they are always so harsh! Simple is affordable and an amazing product that I am going to use over and over again!
You can buy these products from Boots, however, if you have a store called HomeBargain near where yo live, you can purchase these for a third of the RRP price!

Eye Makeup Remover  £3.39
Cleanser £2.99

Have you ever used this range before? Or have other products you use for your facial regime? Let me know!


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