Thursday, 20 February 2014

Meet Daisy

Daisy @ daisydaisyxxo 

Hi there! My name is Daisy and I blog at daisydaisyxxo. I'm 17 and still at college studying graphics. I'm in my second year and finish in a few months! I have a part time job at Topshop which I'm still to this day not quite sure how I got it. I love working there as were like a big family! I spend a lot of spare time blogging as I have discovered a real passion for it. I mainly blog about beauty, which wasn't actually my initial idea! But hey ho, I really enjoy it and plan to do it for a long time.

I absolutely love the idea of working with brands. Some people are a bit funny about it, but I just see it like working with a brand is going to do wonders for both involved. The brand will be read about and hopefully people will then go to their webistes, and also the blogger is getting a chance to get more recognition to themselves. I would love to work with beauty brands but also fashion as this would give me more of a reason to blog about it. I try my best but I don't ever LOVE my outfits so having items of clothing from brands would help me style myself more. 

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