Sunday, 9 March 2014

Meet the lovely Anita!

 I’m Anita over at and I’m a hopeful Architecture student based in the North West of sunny old England.
I’ve always wanted to blog/do YouTube videos like the few gurus that did it at the time a couple of years ago, but at the naive age of around 14 years old I simply couldn’t sustain that passion of mine, and the whole idea soon dwindled into a mere blog posts and shaky clips that’s now safely in the internet archives.
Fast forward a couple of years, I took a long, serious thought about taking up blogging as a hobby seeing as I’m pretty much glued to social media and the internet for at least 15 hours a day so I may as well do something productive about it – and so in May 2013 All Things Anita was born!
I’d say that my blog is beauty and lifestyle based simply because I am the most hopeless person on the planet to ask for fashion advice – I can’t go clothes shopping to save my life! Just give me a t shirt and pair of jeans and I’m ready to go.
That aside, I tend to blog mostly about beauty related things and would occasionally inject in a short artwork, photography or travel post, dependant on my adventures.
I’m one to keep my purse strings shut in fear of splurging and ending up with a drawer full of products that were better off staying on the shelves of beauty halls, but recently I’ve been paying more attention towards premium skin care so products from the likes of Liz Earle, Origins and Kiehl’s have a couple of products on my wish list.
You can find my blog at
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Talk soon!


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