Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Odd Socks & Pretty Frocks talks about NWBLPOOL event...

I'm not the most sociable person in the world. Innate shyness and an inability to make good small talk, combined with a longing to spend my spare time curled up with a good book, means that I probably turn down more invitations than I should. The fear creeps in and I make my excuses. Sunday saw me putting on my brave smile though. Can't stay in the house all my life!  I trotted off to the Hard Days Night hotel with Laura for the North West Bloggers meetup.  I'd had a mild panic midweek when I realised it was mostly beauty bloggers attending. I can't do makeup, argh! It's bad enough when I'm surrounded by uber-stylish, slim, 20-something bloggers without them all being gorgeous and perfectly made up as well. Oh well. Get over yourself, Alex, thought I, and off I went. Made quite the entrance too - I promptly fell down the stairs into the room it was being held in. Thankfully there weren't too many people there at that point to see me making a tit of myself. Anyway, onto the photos! We had one room set aside for sitting, scoffing and gossiping and another one housing stalls set up by various brands. Loads of chances to chat to local businesses and stores, get samples and generally have a good time.
Fashion Zoo are a Liverpool based jewellery company with a heavy animal/tribal theme going on. They'd brought along tons of gorgeous things. That seaside bracelet totally reminded me of Rosie.
The lovely ladies from Liverpool Lush were there too. I've decided that as soon as the house buying process is over and done with, I'm treating myself to one of their spa treatments. I went to the opening of the Liverpool spa last year and it's utterly gorgeous inside. Definitely time to try it out.
This was half of the raffle prizes! After much eager waiting (I am a complete sucker for a raffle and turn into a 5 year old waiting for Christmas) I won these: Awesome! T'was clearly the day for curly hair as the lovely Rebekah Treherne gave me wavy princess locks

Hannah and Frances did such a fantastic job organising it and rounding up so many great stalls and people to attend. We got a fab tshirt each from Original Attire and a massive goody bag full of all sorts of treats. I shall have much fun putting this lovely lot to good use! I'm very glad I made myself go. Hope the next one is just as great!

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