Monday, 5 May 2014

Need Sunglasses? By OPI

Now that spring is sort of springing I am in the mood for brighter colours so when I saw this primary yellow polish I went for it. OPI's 'Need Sunglasses?' is a bright yellow with a slight orange tint to it, it's definitely a warmer toned yellow and sits comfortably between a pastel and a neon in being bright but not too bright. OPI describe it as 'lemon yellow' but I would say it is a tad darker with warmer undertones, hints of mustard and orange. OPI's 'I Just Can't Cope-acabana' from the Brazil collection is similar but lighter, brighter and cooler toned. I've not seen many other bright yellows out there though there are a few; Barry M has a bright yellow, NP307 , which is another cooler toned one and Butter London's Pimms looks like it's slightly warmer toned and Ilamasqua Optimist is a more 70s mustard yellow.
OPI class it is a 'creme laquer' but I was disappointed with the transparency of it, it is not as opaque or solid in colour as I would expect for a cream and it needs at least three or four coats to achieve good opaque coverage. I'd consider it more of a 'crelly' which is 'cream jelly' in nail nomenclature.
I was a bit disappointed by the translucency, I've had other creme polishes in similar bright shades offer much better opacity and OPI polishes aren't cheap with the RRP in the UK is £11.95 for 15ml so I was expecting a bit more bang for my buck so to speak. However it does wear well and the colour is unusual, I haven't found any cheaper dupes yet but I'm sure they are out there somewhere!
After wearing it for a day or so on it's own I decided to add some black tiger style stripes to create what I have termed a 'tiger bee' nail art effect which I am loving, the combination of yellow and black really does stand out and it's very simple to do with a striping brush or nail art pen.
I'm not sure I'd buy it again but I am very happy wearing it and can see it becoming a spring and summer favourite this year!

Chloe Miriam 
Vanity Undone -
Twitter- @chloemiriam

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  1. Love these Tiger Bee nails! Such a bright yellow, I don't have anything like it in my collection but I might have to go check it out!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland


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