Thursday, 4 September 2014

Laser Hair Removal-NU Cosmetic Clinic Liverpool

Hi Everyone! 

A few months ago, I was invited to Nu Cosmetic Clinic in Liverpool to find out about their company and also about some of the treatments they give. The evening was really relaxed and the whole team where very welcoming. The practitioners talked about different treatments and procedures they have done in the past and asked us our thoughts. Now, I know a lot of people are against cosmetic surgery/procedures however I love the idea. (I have previously had a Mastopexy). So when we got the opportunity to try a treatment, I jumped at the chance! 

I opted for Laser Hair Removal. Now LHR has been a huge beauty must for the past few years. A few of my friends have had this procedure done and loved it! 

I was took into a private room which was immaculate and I was made to feel at ease.  A consultation form was filled in, with any past medical history and all the usual suspect questions. I talked to my practitioner about the best place to have LHR and I decided on 'the armpit'. Not so glamorous in the slightest. However, there is nothing worse than feeling self-conscious when wearing a cami and knowing you haven't shaved! 
I got talked through the machin

e and and the procedure, not going to lie, the machine is huge! I lay down on the bed and had to wear a special type of protector glasses to cover my eyes. As my practitioner was completing my treatment, she was talking to me all the way through, telling me what was happening and what was next. So as I lifted my right arm up, a pen like object was hovering over my armpit blowing cold air. On the occasional second, it would make a little beep and zap at my hair. Does it hurt? Well, okay so beauty is pain people, beauty is pain. However it felt like tiny electric shocks going over my skin. With the cold air blowing, I could not feel too much discomfort if I am completely honest. Within a few minutes, the treatment was done! Yep, done! A little bit of after lotion was applied and off I went! 

Apparently the treatment works best if you get it topped up every four weeks then every six, depending on hair re-growth.. Even from week one I could tell the difference! The hair that was coming through was thinner, and less. I went for a few more treatments and ended up shaving less and less. I am now onto my fifth treatment and still loving it. If I am honest, I shave once every 10 days if that. I am absolutely delighted with the treatment and I am such a hairy person! Gross I know. 

Below is a picture of before the treatment, not shaving for two weeks and the second is after my treatment not shaving for two weeks.

As you can see the results are fantastic! I would 100% recommend NU Cosmetic Clinic to anyone! 

Have you ever had laser hair removal? How did you find it? 

Hannah Rosalie



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  2. argh so jealous I want it done sooo bad but 'm naturally ginger and due to the colour pigmentation of ginger, they cant do it yet :']

    Just stumbled upon this blog.....really enjoying it. I'm from Liverpool ♥

    Kay xx | Tights and Ladders

  3. I really want to have this done but laser does seem very painful :S

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  6. Laser hair removal is so good! I've been doing it for a while, works a treat!X

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  17. how long does epilation last? you mentioned that the treatment need to top up every 4 weeks, well it might be depending on different user cases I think.


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