Friday, 29 May 2015

Time For A Catch Up

NWBloggers - Just Add Ginger

I thought it was about time we had a little catch up. So this post is a little "getting us up to speed" post. 

If you don't know, this is Jackie (from Just Add Ginger.) For the past few months I have been helping our gorgeous Hannah out (who has been a super busy bee) in the running of our Twitter account @NWBloggers.)

If you follow North West Bloggers on Twitter you'll have noticed that the biggest change has been the introduction of #NWBChat. I wanted to create a time for us to all come together and talk all things blogging. There are so many of us from different parts of the North West that I wanted to make sure that there is always a weekly slot for us to get together. At the moment #NWBChat has no designated day. With the hope that as many of us can get involved as possible, if you'd like to leave a comment below this post with what the best day for you, that;d be great, Also, if anybody is interested in hosting the chat, please get in touch with me on either the North West Bloggers Twitter handle, or my personal one.

I am currently in the process of planning two events in Liverpool for us this year. It is very early stages at the moment because my schedule is here there and everywhere, but they WILL be happening before the year is out. One is beauty/make up related and the other - food. Both will have cost implications, but for what the events will entail I think the prices I have been quoted are really reasonable.

In May, myself and four other bloggers met up for #NWBCoffee. We discussed a lot of different blogging and North West Bloggers things and it was great to get some feedback and insight in to what kinds of things you would lie to see in the future. #NWBCoffee is a coffee morning that I hope will be a regular occurrence, and will take place in different areas in the North West where possible. Again, if you have any suggestions, please get in touch!

The last piece of info that I want to share is that our blog is now accepting guest posts. If you are interested in writing a post for the North West Bloggers blog, then please get in touch. Each post will go live on a Saturday lunchtime, and I will make sure I tweet-out from @NWBloggers so you know when posts are up on the blog. 

Please keep in touch via Twitter or email. I'll leave all contact links below. If you have any ideas, suggestions, are interested in hosting a #NWBChat, or just want to say "hi," then those are the best places to get in touch! 

Twitter: @NWBloggers


  1. Hi, thank you for this update. I have just came across your blog and Twitter so it's very helpful to know what you will be getting up to. I was wondering what type of guest blogs you would be looking for. I would love to be involved some how.


    1. Content for guestposts can be varied. Anything from fashion to beauty, lifestyle, food/film/music reviews. Keep in touch on Twitter & let me know what ideas you have! Jackie xo


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